As an in-house UX/UI designer at IT company Competa I was responsible for the visual appearance of Competa’s projects.

One of the projects was Competa’s own website. This was also a good opportunity to refresh their corporate style. We wanted more focus on younger people and recruitment.

Recently we started to refresh the website again. Together with another designer we looked at the analytics, made persona’s and listened to users feedback to improve the user flow. Also, the focus of the company changed a bit more In sales which we also want to reflect on the website.

To improve the flow we made a journey map and used a paper wireframe to sketch, brainstorm and test. This made it easy to brainstorm with multiple people play with the layout interactively and directly. Also, the people without design background thought it was helpful to involve them in the process.

After that, we made a wireframe in Sketch and InVision to test it with potential users so we were able to spot problems in an early state. The testers were divided into 2 categories; clients and potential hires(developers). We did the tests face to face to see peoples emotions. We gave them tasks to see if it was easy to complete their goals. Also, we asked questions about their experience. Also, we used Maze and Useberry to collect their data and create heat maps.

The UI of the last design was made by another designer