HUIG is a magazine by “de Rijks Academie van Bouwkunst(RAVB)” Rotterdam. This magazine is about architecture and urban planning and appears on a yearly basis. It was designed in collaboration with Thijs de Jong, Margareth Józefczak en Fernando van der Vlist.

We had total freedom to give this magazine a new look. So we choose to make a graphical representation of a tour around the city passing by all the different building. The buildings(represented by pages) are all in a different phase. New, decay, empty, re-use and new extensions. These phases represent the articles in the magazine which are also about the buildings states and the current trends in architecture.

We choose to make a loose cover which functions as the index. It feels like a city map and helps you navigate through the magazine. Also, we choose to bind the magazine with an open back to show the “structure of the buildings”