Neighbourhoods out of the 20’s and the more modern VINEX neighbourhoods have a similar layout. But still, people living in the other neighbourhood really dislike the other. They don’t like the style the neighbourhood was build in and also people make a lot of preconceptions about the other people. But are these comments rightly? Are the people in the other neighbourhoods really that different?

In this catalogue named Reflectie(Reflection), I compare 245 VINEX facades with 245 20’s facades. Analyzing them on items that were personally added by the people living in the houses. What people add themselves shows their identity. So are people really that distinguished from each other? In this way, I want to show that these items are as standardized as the houses they live in. Both parties are actually kinda similar.

For the layout, I chose to place the 20’s neighbourhoods on the left side of the book and te VINEX neighbourhoods on the right side. I placed little blocks on the side of the pages so it makes it easy to navigate through the book. On the pages, I zoom in on the objects but also compare elements of the neighbourhoods. In the back, there is also an index viewing the houses and elements used in the catalogue. I choose to keep the design of the book kinda neutral so the pictures will speak for themselves.